I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful and up lifting comments.

  First, I want to bring to your attention a web site that has a lot of useful information about the LDS Cannery.  Remember you do not have to be an LDS  member to go to the Cannery.  This past Friday I visited the Cannery that was about  1.5 hours from my home.  I was amazed how dedicated they are in educating people on the importance of home food storage.  You can purchase oxygen packs, Mylar bags, oats, grain, sugar, rice, milk, beans, wheat, apple slices, carrots, macaroni, and the list goes on.  You can also purchase prepackaged food and/or you can package your own food at the cannery.  They have a canner that they will let you take home on loan and they sell the cans and lids.  This is an non-profit organization so there is no mark up on the food.  This means you can not purchase the food to resell at a higher price.  You can even volunteer at the Cannery and pack food for others.  It is such a giving and wonderful place.  Most important it is a great tool in helping you build your pantry and making sure your family is secure.  I know a few of my viewers have gone and even taken home the canner.  I would love for them or anyone else that has been to the cannery to post their experience here on this blog if they get a chance.  At the cannery they took me on a tour and showed me how all the equipment worked,  I could have talked to them all day!  They also, gave me their web site www.providentliving.org  that has a Family Home Storage Center Products list with prices.  In addition to that the site is loaded with information about shelf life, storage ideas, and preparedness.  Remember this site so you can pass it to other people that need help in building  their pantries.

I am amazed at all the e-mail in the comment section. I am trying to answer everyones questions so forgive me if I’ve been a little slow.